Friday, May 8

my old primary school is getting knocked down & being rebuilt into this nasty modern building, & loads of the playing fields are getting covered. its weird, going away to uni in september, i seem to be saying bye to a lot of things. one of my friends & i went along for a look round, its crazy how all these teachers that i thought were really scary are actually so lovely, & they remembered me! it was kinda weird, i think theyre all really sad about it. it was built in 1934. ohh, & its so strange, my p7 classroom was at the end of a corridor, but they chopped off the end of the corridor so my last classroom no longer exists already. the janitor doesnt have a calendar of ladies in football shirts on the beach (haha, a little creepy, but a long running joke amongst us). the way the dining room always did (& still does) have this musky aroma of powdered mash potato & orange quarters. the little ones still think the younger boys toilets are haunted. the drain poles are still painted red (we used to play red pole tig). the nursery doesnt have a climbing frame anymore, but they do still have special beaded necklaces. the IT rooms a bit different, loads more computers. the office as i vaguely remember it- only went there in the event of a nosebleed or a scraped knee, or when we got checked for headlice & colourblindness. the tarmac where we played 'last one over' & netball. the massive tree we called 'old oaky' (although apparently it was a sycamore), but now its a tree stump, & we used to run round it pretending to be faeries & witches on invisible brooms. the gym hall, being taught drama (usually involved running around with blue & green streamers pretending to be the 'sea', was immensely fun).

i still think my primary school years were the best years of my life so far; innocent, blissfully joyous, nothing to worry about..good memories.
thank you all for the comments:) any plans for the weekend? im going to try & get loads of revision done (only a fornight till my first exam). ohh yeah, & driving test next week:s

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