Friday, June 25

Life in 3D

I'm going to see my first 3D film tomorrow night.. pretty exciting stuff I know!
I've managed to evade the whole thing for a while, partly because I'm pretty sceptical of it. Butttt, I realise that I can't be sceptical without having experienced it.. I like films, a lot, I watch faaar too many, and I couldn't even begin to name my favourite one. So, y'know, it's strange to imagine the whole dimension of film changing.. I still prefer the cartoon disneys to all this new-fangled CGI stuff (ahh, 'The Princess and the Frog' was truly immense - although much, much scarier than I expected!) and I feel that stop motion is amazing.. and I remain in the same mindset about the 2D/3D debate. Plus, I've heard that the glasses are a bit uncomfy for spectacle-wearers (of which I am one). My local cinema just got the 3D thing recently as well (so it's a bit of a local craze atm!)
But, all this is about to change tomorrow night - I'm going to see Shrek; Forever After. Don't have massively high hopes about how good it will be (the first one is a classic though), but it should be a good laugh, going to go with two friends and their younger sisters :)

Also - I'm a massive novice to the whole thing but I've just got a lookville account.. anyone else on it? My name on it is 'sandbetweenyourtoes' - if you're able to find me that would be great :)

Saturday, June 19

"rumours" .. "no, no, it's all true"

... is it bad that I've only just discovered Flight of the Concords? I think it really is .. Mainly due to a lack of tv channels (thank goodness for the digital switchover - not just 4 channels anymore!), but y'know, they're actually very funny indeed :)

I'm just getting my way through Series 1 and about to start on Series 2.. Although apparently there's a debate about who's better; Jemaine or Bret? Not quite sure where I stand on this - Bret because he's a bit cute, but Jemaine is just a bit funnier I think.. hrmm!

the beginning of summer '10!

summer 2010 has begun with lots of lovely good weather, thankfully, the struggle to find employment, unfortunately (the inability to find that is, despite the massive number of jobs i've applied for), and the departure of a few friends from home :( three have left for the whole summer (two going abroad, another going to edinburgh), which is a shame.

however.. fun times on the horizon..

15th-18th July = Latitude Festival!

It's in Suffolk, which is a pretty long drive for me, but the line-up is immense: belle & sebastian (eee! so excited!), laura marling, vampire weekend, florence and the machine, noah & the whale, mumford & sons, etcetc.

and i'll be visiting Chesire soon too hopefully :)

what does everyone else have planned for the summer?

sorry that I haven't exactly been committed to this very much of late at all, first year seeemed to go by so fast! not entirely sure where it all went.

in a bid to get up-to-date with current affairs and all that, I'm currently reading 'Globalization and its Discontents' by Joseph Stiglitz (recommended reading for politics next year). actually really readable, even though strictly speaking it's about economics. Stiglitz explains everything very well, I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected to :)

anyhoo - hope everyone's enjoying the good weather if they have it - and if not - just enjoying everything generally, life is grand! :)x