Sunday, June 28


i had an awesome day at the loch today.. swam lots & lounged about on the raft. i ordered another usb cable for my camera, should arrive sorta soon. i'll take pictures of it one day :)
i think i might be going to amsterdam next weekend on the ferry, its all been pretty sudden but it'll be like an early birthday thing, plus amsterdam sounds loovely.
ive realised that the most restricting 'force' on my life is regret, like fearing doing something because i might regret it, not taking risks/leaps of faith, etc. plus, i let regrets get to me too much.
soo, here goes the beginning of regretlessness:)

much happiness & joyyy:)x

Saturday, June 27


Thursday, June 25

if someone offers to get me a vehicle (i know the likelihood of this is very small), i would love either an old vw campervan, or an original mini.
exactly three weeks to my birthday:s hw strange.

Wednesday, June 24

i think you are magiccc.

yesterday i sat out in the field & read some more of 'fiesta' by ernest hemingway, & i took my camera with me. il admit, i only just realised all the cool stuff my teeny camera can do, i might post some of them, once i get my hands on a darn usb cable. gonna order it on amazon.
digital switchover has revealed our aerial is super old so we dont have bbc2 anymore :/
i love where i live:)

Tuesday, June 23

wind in my hair, i feel a part of everywhere

the little chicks have hatched & their wings are coming through. they are, as per usual, thee most adorable little things ever. i lovee this time of year. & we have a woodburner, so my dads always acquiring big logs & everything to chop up (they take up a hugee part of the garden) & last week we got this one that was heart shaped. i thought it was pretty damn awesomeee:)
happy tuesdayy:)x

i love not man the less, but nature more.

i watched 'into the wild' yesterday, & in all honesty, i can't & couldn't ever begin to describe the utter awesomeness & beauty of it.

it is now officially my favourite film of all time. i dont think ive ever had a favourite film, but now, this is definitely it. i cried so much at the end, & i mean, it's really sad, but at the same time i think it make me really melancholic, for everyday that i've spent just sitting in front of the tv, when theres a whole world outside.
im going swimming in the loch again this weekend. & im going to see the school show production tomorrow night. i had an interview today:/
today heralded the renewal of my annual obsession with all things wimbledon & tennis-y.
still feeling gutted there won't be any nadal this year:(
ohh, that's one thing i want to do before i die- go to wimbledon.

Monday, June 22


the remembrances of maria a.
~bertolt brecht.
On a certain day in the blue-moon month of September
Beneath a young plum tree, quietly
I held her there, my quiet, pale beloved
In my arms just like a graceful dream.
And over us in the beautiful summer sky
There was a cloud on which my gaze rested
It was very white and so immensely high
And when I looked up, it had disappeared.

Since that day many, many months
Have quieted floated down and past.
No doubt the plum trees were chopped down
And you ask me: what's happened to my love?
So i answer you: I can't remember.
And still, of course, i know what you mean
But i honestly can't recollect her face
I just know: there was a time I kissed it.
And that kiss too I would have long forgotten
had not the cloud been present there
that I still know and always will remember
It was so white and came from on high.
Perhaps those plum trees still bloom
And that woman now may have had her seventh child
But that cloud blossomed just a few minutes
And when I looked up, it had disappeared in the wind.

Saturday, June 20

in my craft or sullen art

in my craft or sullen art
exercised in the still night
when only the moon rages
and the lovers lie abed
with all their griefs in their arms
i labour by singing light
not for ambition or bread
or the strut and trade of charms
on the ivory stages
but for the common wages
of their most secret heart

not for the proud man apart
from the raging moon i write
on these spindrift pages
not for the towering dead
with their nightingales and psalms
but for their lovers, their arms
round the griefs of the ages,
who pay no praise or wages
nor heed my craft or art

~Dylan Thomas
there is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
there is a rapture on the lonely shore,
there is society, where none intrudes,
by the deep sea, and music in its roar:
i love not man the less, but Nature more.

~Lord Byron, 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage'

i watched 'Milk' last night, & i've never cried so much at a film, or been so affected by it. it was awesome, in the truest sense of the word. i think everyone should watch it. ahh, i could cry now just thinking about it :(

going to a party tonight. hope everyone has an excellent saturday evening:)x

Wednesday, June 17

hey,hows it going?
im about to go to my friends & watch the end ofCheck Spelling 'the lives of others'. excellent, i love it.
today at work *cough* i did this quiz thing on
heres my result:
im pretty chuffed. my friend turned out to be a total lefty, unexpectedly. funfun.
wow- i didnt know there was a SPELLCHECK on here?! mm.

au revoirss:)x

Monday, June 15


101th post.

yayy. good/bad news:
i have exceeded 100 posts:)
i have dropped a follower:( (now at three)

wherever you are, if you happen to be reading this, im sorry, my posts are pretty rubbish. im a pretty whiny dull 17year old. all i really do is post nicked photos. i still cant find the usb cable for my camera, & its becoming a seeerious problem, because now im making this scrapbook for my friend & i want to put tonnes of pictures in it (we're going to different unis).

to those who follow, thank you so much!

whenever i get a bit disheartened with the whole blog thing, i think about you guys. i spend a crazy amount of time reading other peoples blogs/ collecting quotes/ collecting pictures. i love it all really, but its pretty time consuming.

have a happyhappy week:)x


on the weekend i went to this jazz festival in the next town. ive known about it for ages but never been, & i heard its like world-renowned. so, on friday, after going on this car treasure hunt (my friend & i did so bad at it, all the questions were really obvious & we still made up about 4answers), we went on to the jazz fest at about 8.00, stumbled into some pub & sat & listened to this amazing swingjazz band called martin bennett's old green river band. we were the only two 'young people' there, but it was amazing, because we went into this room filled with a lot of fairly old people, expecting it to be all stuffy & awkward, but loads of elderly couples got up & danced & waved around trilby hats. ive never properly listened to jazz music before, it was incredible. then we went onto the town hall where this sorta classical jazz band were playing, & they were pretty good too. there was this old couple who had like a whole dance routine going, it was awesome. im seriously rubbish at like couples dancing, if you know what i mean? what was really sad was that one woman asked us if we were there because we'd had a few drinks, & we said noo we just wanted to come hear the music. i think i have a really incorrect view of older people (& vice versa). we went back the next day to hear the old green river band again. if you ever get the chance to listen to live jazz music, i recommend it:)

now i have to go back to school, find my modern studies teacher & return some more books. hows everyones week been so far? :)x