Tuesday, September 22

top hat

i watched 'top hat' tonight & it was much, much better than i expected.. it makes me wish i could dance like fred astaire & ginger rogers.. & it was hilaaarious.
it was shown by the uni film society (which im a member of) so i got to 'help out' with the projecting (mainly getting shown how to do pretty much everything, & just looking really confused most of the time..).. was fun though :)
all's fair in love & war - but this is a revolution!

Thursday, September 10

go after her.

I really do love this. I found it ages ago, & I didn't really read it at the time to be honest.. but I was going through all these pictures ive collected a while ago & came across it... & it blew my mind. It inspired me to go out & just put myself out there. Not just in regards to relationships,etc. but just in terms of life. I'm a pretty shy, reserved person that doesn't really take risks.. & I don't think my life is any better for it. It's so sad how leaving a place/ people makes you more brave to admit how you feel, but you do it half-heartedly, almost hoping that things won't work out well, because saying goodbye was already going to be painful enough.
as they say... ahh its a toughie.x

Wednesday, September 9

all good things are wild & free.

somehow, ironing ought to be made more alluring.

i mean, i like to listen to the simon mayo & mark kermode (love) bbc radio 6 podcast, where they review films. mark kermode is a complete legend, & even if i don't agree with him on some films.. his reviews are very honest & funny.
1st pic is of some graffitti in israel, pretty awesome eh? :)x

lets wish for eternal sunshine upon our spotless minds.

im currently ironing my way through some crazy pile of clothes, & facing the reality that once ive packed my underwear, socks and millions of pairs of tights (i know its not the antartic, but ive heard edinburgh is seriously cold...) my suitcase is pretty much full :( added to this that it is my only suitcase, & that the only other packing options are plastic bags, i really cannot be bothered. arghh!
also - thank you for the advice sophie:) i am now torn between the diana f+ & all its incredible accessories, & the diana mini & all its incredible amazing compactness. ahh. added to the fact that all the money i have at the moment i will honestly be needing for food, im thinking i need to distract my mind from such expensive musings..
back to the ironing pile :/

Tuesday, September 8

my go-to's to retain sanity

whenever i feel a bit down, i tend to turn to the same sort of things.
  • i always phone my two excellent friends, & chat away to them until ridiculous times in the evening (morning).
  • i sit with the laptop, watch episodes of 'mock the week' on iplayer that i have definitely seen before, & end up knowing so well i can rattle off the jokes to anyone interested
  • make lists of anything & everything
  • drink way more tea than usual, & may even have a hot chocolate
  • research vw campervans for sale on the internet (ahh i so badly want an old style baywindow one in any colour). even though they're all up there is the £5000/6000+ mark (unless you're after a restoration project), i like to just read the stories that go with them. one guy got his in france, drove it to cyprus & got the inside all decked out in cyprian wood, then drove it back to england?! amazing.
  • recreate my favourite baguette that i get sometimes from the local deli (its called the Americana - turkey ham, jarlsberg cheese, grainy mustard, dill pickle-which i exclude).
  • research for absolutely aaages the sort of camera i would, in a dreamlike world, own. i've gone from lusting after an original poladroid camera to really wanting a diana f+ (or a diana mini.. ahh i need help!). with, of course, the accompanying flash, & also the 35mm backing. orrr... do i want a fisheye....?! arg. [reality clearly being ignored in these musings]
  • consider all the things i really have to do.. then do none of them [cue VW search]
  • read through my freshers week pack for the trillionth time & consider all the things id like to go to (the Harry Potter Society are having a Sorting Ceremony.. WITH butterbeer & pumpkin pasties...yuss much?!). (& the Chocolate Society are having a Roald Dahl Party! with their own version of the chocolate river apparently..?!).

as unexcited as i am about leaving, Sorting Ceremonies & general Chocolate Fests are rather alluring..:)xxx

Tuesday, September 1

links links links

i love noah & the whale, i really do.
i have their first album, & i basically listen to it in the car everyday, via my ipod. but, when my ipod broke, i used the cd. theres never been a journey where they haven't accompanied me. & for ages ive wanted to go see them & they're playing glasgow in october! hooray!
&, even better news (for those who like them also, or who may like them) they've just released another album (hooray squared), with this film that they've been working on. vair, vair. cool.
so heres the link :) noah & the whale go enjoy:) & at the same time, download their new single for free, a taster for the newly released album.
the film looks amazing too! ahh. well excited. im loving their anticipation for 'fantastic mr fox' as well.. love wes anderson. & fantastic mr fox looks incredible. check out the official trailer here... as does where the wild things are! omgg great trailer: where the wild things are trailer

ahh, a post of links!
hope everyones having a good weeeeek!
looks like my friend enjoyed his birthday party which is gooood:)

the stig.

via lustlostlove.tumblr.com
Today is looking to be a day of cake-festing, with my friends birthday & all. my friend & i were going to make him a load of cookies, & little cakes, & a big birthday cake, but a trip round the supermarket resulted in the rediscovery of those ready-mix cake & cookie packets (remember them?), hence, in a state of sincere nostalgia, we abandoned our plans to make little foodstuffs, with the excuse that, you know, we'd still be making the big birthday cake & all (planned to be a white chocolate gateau). anyway, whilst returning the cream, margarine, etc that had been required for the cookies & little cakes, we stumbled across the cake area & lo & behold we found a Top Gear birthday cake with THE STIG on it...!! Regardless of the fact that any one of us would have adored a Stig Cake, my friend (whose birthday it was yesterday) is actually a massive TopGear fan, & loves cars beyond belief (more the classic cars though).
so...er... it turns out that we really havent made very much of the food in the end.
im feeling a bit guilty to be honest..
however, we actually put a great deal of effort into decorating the little cakes (everyone has a personalised little cake now- mine has a rainbow (= ). i had to get up early this morning to do the cookies because we spent pretty much all day decorating the little cakes. haha.
anyway, id better go get ready..
hope everyone's having a nice day:)