Sunday, August 30

im going back home to the west coast.

since i last wrote anything about myself,i have:
  • made the oars for my wee dinghy a staple ornament in my car. interesting & handy for spur of the moment boat trips, yes. impractical & uncomfortable for backseat passengers, definitely.
  • hardly been in my wee boat at all:( it's been raining for ever here. & no chance of sunshine anytime soon either..
  • scratched Rambo, the beloved ka. on a massive pillar. whilst attempting to park. i'm really, really bad at parking.
  • come round to the way of thinking that actually, the white scratches look cool on the black ka, as if im magically travelling so fast, the back end is all a blur.
  • gone to a few parties, mumbled & bumbled around the house about how sad it is to leave.
  • finished working at my job (just a temporary set time thing).
  • got rather inebriated, went to the beach with friends at 1.05am, wrote in the sand, looked at the stars (saw TWO shooting stars..yuss), got cold, met an old architect in a suit who told us all these amazing stories about how one time he'd met Jimi Hendrix, & been to see the Beatles & everything. everyone crashed at my house, we ate a lot of biscuits.. it was a good night:)
  • begun planning some sort of gathering for a friend's birthday on monday.
  • remembered how lovely & comforting a log fire is.
  • realised that i am now officially addicted to tea, & slushies (purple tastes best i think).
  • & now it is.. 13 days till i move up to edinburgh & begin university!

songs of the moment are all sad & about leaving, fraid to say. currently loving Coconut Records, & just Jason Schwartzman in general (loved Darjeeling Limited & I Heart Huckabees & recently watched Rushmore.. & loved it too..). Jack Penate - 'Pull My Heart Away' kinda sums up my feelings about moving away entirely.

& it is now my mission in life to see '500 days of Summer'. Darn the local odeon! (the only cinema within 20mins from where i live). sucks much?:(

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soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Oh sounds like a fun carefree summer. Welcome back! At least you're one up on me for 500 Days of Summer - it hasn't even been released yet here!