Monday, December 21

now that i know

s'up blogosphere?
major apologies, i havent blogged in a frickin age!

here's a bit of a brief update :)
  1. I started uni in Edinburgh! Really enjoying it
  2. I get on really well with my flatmates & i reckon im going to be sharing with them next year, which is pretty awesome.
  3. I've met a load of new people, & have, bizarrely, somehow managed to bag myself a boyfriend (mystery indeed)
  4. I'm back home for christmas now after three bloomin exams (results in february, urg.)
  5. It snowed here at home so I spent most of yesterday sledging, enjoying the whole thing, which was lovely :)
  6. I've met up with all my old friends which has been so nice, i don't think i fully realised how much i missed them till i saw them again.
  7. I accidentally bought the blue-ray disc version of 'coco before chanel' for my mums christmas, only now all the normal versions are sold out everywhere around where i live :( i doubt il be able to find a copy before christmas, & i feel really bad!

Hows it going with you guys? I'm intending that next semester will be much better planned, & i intend to incorporate blogging time into that as well :) (also need to find time at the start of the semester to do a tour of Scotland visiting all my friends at various unis!).

It's nice to be back taking it easy now, & the snow is magical! I took loads of pictures of the snow, but i left my camera cable back up in Edinburgh :(

Hope all you guys are enjoying the winter weather (& possibly snow!), or sunny weather depending on where you are in the world, & are looking forward to Christmas :)

PS. since i last blogged, i've become pretty obsessed with devendra banhart. he is the bees knees, in my wee opinion :)

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