Friday, June 25

Life in 3D

I'm going to see my first 3D film tomorrow night.. pretty exciting stuff I know!
I've managed to evade the whole thing for a while, partly because I'm pretty sceptical of it. Butttt, I realise that I can't be sceptical without having experienced it.. I like films, a lot, I watch faaar too many, and I couldn't even begin to name my favourite one. So, y'know, it's strange to imagine the whole dimension of film changing.. I still prefer the cartoon disneys to all this new-fangled CGI stuff (ahh, 'The Princess and the Frog' was truly immense - although much, much scarier than I expected!) and I feel that stop motion is amazing.. and I remain in the same mindset about the 2D/3D debate. Plus, I've heard that the glasses are a bit uncomfy for spectacle-wearers (of which I am one). My local cinema just got the 3D thing recently as well (so it's a bit of a local craze atm!)
But, all this is about to change tomorrow night - I'm going to see Shrek; Forever After. Don't have massively high hopes about how good it will be (the first one is a classic though), but it should be a good laugh, going to go with two friends and their younger sisters :)

Also - I'm a massive novice to the whole thing but I've just got a lookville account.. anyone else on it? My name on it is 'sandbetweenyourtoes' - if you're able to find me that would be great :)

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