Thursday, July 9

i wanna be yo lover.

i feel like going for a bike ride. hedgehogs swimming are possibly the cutest thing ever (just saw it on some vet programme). being on a boat kills my appetite, mais apres boat, im constantly hungry. i honestly cant imagine life without music, or my ipod (esp. johnny flynn, as per normal, devendra banhart, beck, the cave singers, belle & sebastian, m.ward,etc..). andy murray, love him, shame about not beating roddick. going to see the new harry potter film, & despite having read the book aages ago & not remembering much of it, i am insanely excited. partly because my last dose of popcorn was waay too long ago. im currently on a mission to find out why the tea at work tastes so different to the tea at home (its not the milk, im taking in my own tea bags tomorrow.. & yes, i am reeally sad). today made me realise that everyone needs someone to talk to, even if they dont say much at all. everythings working out really nicely at the moment (not including the impending leaving for uni).

i hate driving when its all sunny, & walking seems like a much better idea (minus the distance). especially when my cars been sitting in the sun all day :/ makes me wish i could fly home instead (i honestly wish i had wings quite a lot, it would be so cool).

il post some of the amsterdam pics later, there are waay too many (something like 400 in total, from my friend & my camera). mainly its just us with random things we came across (including a great deal of cannabis-related items - the number of them were insane, & the ingenuity of people is hilarious).

okiedokie, ima go. tireddd.x

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