Saturday, July 4

i <3 my usb =)

Yay! My USB arrived! Now my plans to barrage you guys with pictures of the last goodness knows when (the first picture is from when i was 12 i think) are possible. so, um, bewareee:)x

i took this photo like five years ago? & i still think its my most favourite photo ever, at a park in the town i live in.

we had an 'eid picnic' for one of my friends who's Muslim (at the same park, love that place) & my friend has a motorbike...cue lots of close-up pictures of us with compressed cheeks -yea, i spared you guys that utter torture=)..

my friends 18th meal at this reeeally nice italian place

what we would look like if our heads were joined like this..

this is only one of SEVERAL attempts to get the sand-spinney-air-thing timed perfectly. me standing at the front like a goon. nice beach, but jellyfish were everywhere.

also, the only picture of the three of us in the air, at the same time. i love this picture soo much:)

us as superheroes, drifting off to rid a beach of a jellyfish plague

last day of school :( ..& the self-named 'nerd' gang (we were really nerds tbh, but we had hand signals & everything... impressive, no?)

fun times in rambo, my teeny wee car (who now smells like toast).

this place we went to last week, where there are really big rocks (a la the righthand side of the picture) & really deep water. terrifying the first time, but loovely:) (except for one time i accidentally jumped & hit my butt off a big rock under the water)


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