Friday, January 1

we are the musicmakers, we are the dreamers of dreams

helloo :)

ahh, it's been a fair while since i've done this eh?
i'm not sure that much will have changed to be honest..
since i last wrote.. i'm still at edinburgh uni, still studying politics (with social policy and modern middle eastern history -mmeh for short, incase you were interested), still going to see films very often -saw alice in wonderland yesterday - aesthetically i swear it can't be beaten..visuals are immense, and as much as i like tim burton, i feel like im becoming too used to his style, it doesn't seem unpredictable/very interesting anymore :( but overall, a well decent film (to be fair, i only saw it in 2d, definitely got the feeling it was meant to excel far more in 3d, so i would advise people to go see it in that as opposed to 2d.
this term i had three essays due in, two have been done and handed in, the last one is due thurs but i want to get it done by the weekend (however - productivity, as you can see, is flailing)
emm, i don't really know what else. have i mentioned that i have a boyfrizzle these days? perhaps i have, im not sure. a couple of days ago it had been going for 5months, which is pretty cool (cooler though is that we're hitchhiking to morocco for charity over easter, should take about 7 days hopefully, and by the time we get to morocco, it'll have been 6months!).

how's it been going with you guys? much happening?
went to a westcountry themed birthday party a few nights ago - since A and i look so alike (it's plain creepy tbh) we went as romantically attached brother and sister (adorned in check shirts and flatcaps, of course).

anyhow - you guys heard of my life is average? ahh i just discovered it and im completely hooked on it! also, this may seem incredibly sad but.. only 15 minutes until postsecrets are up! i literally long for sunday, since it means postsecrets.
probably should get back to the essay, but i promise to be much more consistent in future! :)xxx

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