Sunday, April 18


I hitchhiked to morocco! from edinburgh! and it went really well, met some truly amazing people. for the three of us it took about 7.5days till we reached Algeciras and got the ferry to Tangiers, spent about 9days in morocco then flew back to manchester (just in time really, with all this ash cloud business) and spent 5 days in Cheshire at my boyfrizzles, then a day in skipton, yorkshire, then back to scotland! it's been a good easter. took pictures on about 5 disposable cameras but forgot to get them put onto disc, will look into this soon. most came out alright, a few were a bit mucked up and my friend, who carried the cameras, kept taking pictures of his pockets (quite cool though, because you can tell from the pockets where they were taken).
fun times!
butttt, now i've got about three weeks till end of year exams so i'm going to hit the books and get some revision done :/ bit rubbish since now i want to go travelling eeeeeverywhere! going to latitude festival this summer i think, getting ticket pretty soon! hurray!
hope all's well with everyone! x

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Pretty Lady said...

Sounds like an adventure! Keep it up