Monday, October 27


tea =)
i kinda realised after i'd posted that below that i should probably explain 'tout le monde'. firstly, i love french, although ive not taken it in sixth year at advanced higher (errmm i always get confused about what the english equivalents are, i think advanced highers are as levels? and sixth year is the last year... if that makes any sense). soo yeah, i love french, and i was going to study it at uni, but i changed my mind.. im now headed towards studying politics with history maybe.
and umm i live in scotland, which i really really like, even though it rains a bit, and its kinda gloomy sometimes.

but the days when it looks like this ^^ you realise the bad weather is totally worth it =)

soo i digress.... (constantly, by the way)

i love writing lists. i love tea (mm..incase it wasnt sorta obvious) & biscuits. i love people, & friends & family, & i love love. i love happiness & smiles. i love walking up hills & bathing in the silence & tall grass. i love snow & christmas (best time of year). i love cloudspotting & seeing shapes. i love running in the crazy way. i love baking. i love cinemas.

& muchos happiness to everyone =)

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