Tuesday, October 28


i love writing lists. my diary from last year is basically a list-a-day.


today was a lovely day. people are so nice & i lovelove friends soo much. they know you so well they're super-sensitised to your emotions & can tell straightaway if you're not feeling great or anything. its amazing.

i got my 'the snowman' advent calendar =D its great. i got it in M&S and (i am 17) I was hoping that i looked old so the guy at the checkout wouldnt think i was buying it for myself, maybe for my younger brother or sister or something, but the first thing he said to me was "Ooh you're very organised, aren't you? Not wanting to miss a single day??" & so my plan was foiled & i hung my head and mumbled "yes". once again i must accept that i am a seventeen year old girl trapped in a permanently five-year-old girls body. its aawful.

the house is all cold atm because my dads away & i have to keep the fire going, but i always forget to put logs on it until i suddenly realise that im really cold & by then its gone out. argh. so i am finding immense comfort in my tea =) &&mince pies <

i would totally eat them all year round, except then they wouldnt be special anymore. like hot cross buns & christmas cake & saying i love you. have to save it so its extra special when you do.

peace&happiness to all. & il end on a list..

Things That Make Life Worthwhile:

  1. Clouds
  2. Literature & Poetry & Art & Music & Film & Photography
  3. Cupcakes & Baking
  4. Faeries
  5. Scarves & Cardigans
  6. Snow
  7. Sunshine
  8. Christmas
  9. Glitter & Sparkles
  10. Tea & Hot Chocolate
  11. Light Rain
  12. Hugs & Kisses
  13. Flowers & Gardens & Fields
  14. Smiles
  15. Secret Notes
  16. Marshmallows
  17. Stars & The Moon
  18. Camping & Festivals
  19. Portaloos (...not)
  20. Hand Sanitiser

3 notes:

the tea drinking english rose said...

christmas christmas.
58 days. only.
i'm 21 and i'm still trapped in my younger mind. i am still a child and i never want to grow up from it.

so we'll all stick together.

the tea drinking english rose said...

ooh.. i forgot to mention mince pies!! i love them so much, i will buy some after halloween.

Daisy said...

yum i love mince pies ! I write lists all the time to ! Its what i do best !