Sunday, June 28


i had an awesome day at the loch today.. swam lots & lounged about on the raft. i ordered another usb cable for my camera, should arrive sorta soon. i'll take pictures of it one day :)
i think i might be going to amsterdam next weekend on the ferry, its all been pretty sudden but it'll be like an early birthday thing, plus amsterdam sounds loovely.
ive realised that the most restricting 'force' on my life is regret, like fearing doing something because i might regret it, not taking risks/leaps of faith, etc. plus, i let regrets get to me too much.
soo, here goes the beginning of regretlessness:)

much happiness & joyyy:)x

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soph said...

Sounds like a relazing day. Plus I liked that you were at a loch (it's so foreign ooh la la) (I'm easily amused like that haha). Amsterdam sounds exciting! Hope it all works out, and you can take some killer photos! And upload them with the new USB cable. See, I've got it all planned out for you :)


Anonymous said...

i love this photo, it's so pretty. thanks so much for commenting!
are you interested in politics? film sounds fun! and i think if you want to do psychology, you should. maybe i should take my own advice, haha.
oh and i agree, i wish i could study everything! or become one thing, then press a restart button and do it all again, but differently.
and i think i shall, thank you!