Friday, February 20

a green bundle of metal joy

my lovely lovely usb is back with me =)
after a journey to my school (in the hhholidays, all the staff think i am such a nerd now!) which was actually quite strange, because there were plastic walls everywhere, i think some people are in to remove asbestos.
emm.. yeah so my usb was in the library after all. & the lovelylovely librarian had tucked it away in one of her drawers & put an old usb lid on it to stop it getting damaged. how kind&sweet :)

ohh & today i can apply for accommodation at uni, so im still trying to figure out where i would like to stay.. ensuite?im not sure.. i dont really want to share a bathroom with strangers, but i guess they wont be strangers for too long hopefully? self-catering,definitely. i like cooking, especially baking. humhumm...decisions decisions.

my retired aunt, who has a 20% m&s discount card & isnt afraid to use it, has decided to buy me all the things she thinks il need for uni, which is extremely kind of her but i think she's taking it a bit far.
currently, in 'steph's uni cupboard' in her house, there is..
a small ironing board
an iron
a sheepskin sheet or something like that
'bounceback' pillows (bounceback??)
a duvet
& a nutmeg grater. (a bit random really isnt it?)

she has held back from getting a duvet cover, pillowcases & (ohgosh) curtains until i can tell her what colour scheme i would like my room to be.


where would we be without crazy aunts, lovely librarians & amazing people in our lives?

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