Tuesday, February 17


its not here yet, but im soo looking forward to summer'09.

summer'09 will be the summer of.. friendships & memories & beginning uni & festivals & floral dresses & orange peel & wellies & summerfruits & beach parties & drives in the countryside & guitarsingalongs & heels & cakecakecake & sunshine & laughter & happiness.
its the last summer with all my friends together.

& here's how it will be. in pictures. *weheartit

Nooooo! There is only 1 teabag left in my house :(

2 notes:

tigermilk said...

you wish to skip over spring?? thats like dessert and no dinner..if you get what i mean..

Teabagstains said...

oh it sounds magical, my summer has been a bit like this, but i'm waiting for wintertime. and you cannot skip spring! i'm a spring baby<3