Monday, February 16


i finally got round to setting up a kodak account & actually organising my photos & since ive never put any photos on here i thought id upload a few..
but beware, many/all of them contain my face in some shape or form. & theyre of varying degrees of oldness. & my camera skills are pretty damn awful.

holy cramoly, this is vvv old when i had blonde hair. pleease forgive the rather perplexed expression.
the next 3 are from a geography trip..
i have such pretty friends
i look like a dork a lot of the time.
dittoo on the aforementioned prettiness.
oh yea, my friend was shy
ermm.. i have these tiedye tights, & i love them even though theyre impossible & make me look like i have varicoseyveined legs.

procrastinating in study.
school dance '09

soo yeah... but dont worry, i doubt il be showing many more pictures of myself anytime soon.
ive had brown hair for a bit, but now im sort of considering going back to blondeness, cant decide..
ahh well.
ohh & regarding change of blogname.. ummm i just think the words sound nice. is that a reasonable explanation? im not sure.
im going to go watch true romance & figure out my life.
sometimes id love to be a film critic, i love film so much. but i dont know if i could be mean about films, because people put so much of their lives & their loves into them.
happy monday :)

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Emma said...

Welcome back to blogging! and Happy Tuesday!