Monday, February 16

i wondered if i could come home..

its been a while.. honestly, ive actually been on here loads, but i much prefer reading other peoples blogs than producing my own.
& theres been business abound lately..
a quick sum-up of the past age would be..
i got into edinburgh uni, my first choice, so il be heading to the big city to study politics after summer :)
i lost my job at woolworths, unfortunately. my first real job & i loved it (actually.. not so much the work, but the people were lovely)
buuut ive got a summer job sorted with my local councillor
my gran died in december
had a fairly quiet but happy christmas, my favourite time of year
im editor of my schools magazine, so thats been consuming, pleasantly

my usb initially was a useful tool, but recently its become a representation of my personality. i collect postsecrets & photos & poems i like, & i make tonnes of silly lists & put them all on there.
& now im on a week holiday & ive left it in the school library :s & i feel lost without it.

its green & slightly bent & missing its lid, i named it steph's usb (v original i know) but i miss the way it would flash lovingly at me when i plugged it in.. :(
perhaps thats a bit of StephOverload.

Valentines Day was spent with friends, making heartshaped biscuits & lounging around reminiscing about wonderful youthful times. amongst my two closest friends, we had to get each other something nice & something funny (for about a fiver each), which was pretty interesting :)

i got vogue today, for the first time in ages, & i feel so happy. added to that my new bravery concerning summer clothing (i think that i will actually go bare-legged for the first time EVER this summer. its incredibly sad, but in perspective, im only 17. it could be worse.) which has led to tanning lotions&potions being applied. i actually like the biscuity smell. am i alone?

i should be doing the first draft of my history dissertation, but my usb has persuaded me to delay my mauling of the american civil war
(my question, incase you were interested, is: 'to what extent did the failings of others contribute to the emergence to political prominence of Abraham Lincoln?')

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