Sunday, April 12


happy easter to everyone:)

ive just got back from leeds, visiting an auntie & an uncle. very pleasant times, muchly enjoyed & cherished.

it has been confirmed that yes, the boat nearby where i live is definitely named after little me. ahh, not really. i would quite like to be in a boat at the moment, after a while in the city. i love skimming my fingers along the water.

tomorrow i think i am going pedalo-ing with some friends. are they called pedalos? ahh im not even sure. boats with pedals. bodals. poats. ohh dear me.

i love driving back from leeds/harrogate. not me personally driving (i have not passed my test, although this is definitely my fault. i lost the paper part of my license about an hour before my test was due to start. & didnt find it until a few hours after it. ahhh!!), my mum was. i love yorkshire.

hope everyone has had the best easter to date & eaten waay too much chocolate.

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Blame it on the weather man said...

Hey Steph thanks so much for commenting on my blog soo good to hear that i'm not the only person struggling my way through driving!!! Your blog is fab keep up the good posts!!!

steph said...

thank you very much:))
& no worries, we'll get there in the end hopefully:)xx