Friday, April 17

the little things

i really do love family & friends, & love & joy & happiness & everything big & wonderful in the world, but sometimes it seems that the small things are the things that can make a gloomy day seem full of sunshine, & a frown become a smile.

i quite love this blog, i collect photos i like anyway (especially of written down things or graffitti) & i really enjoy posting them on here. im very aware that a very small number of people read this, & the fact that i am follower-less, but i love that too. i love how none of my friends know about this, i have very(very!) few regular readers, so i don't feel under any pressure to produce good, well-thought through regular posts. i love how i can just do whatever. i love to read other people's blogs, but im aware that i dont tell them often enough how amazing their blogs are (im sorry). to be honest, ive definitely realised that this blog is much more for my own behalf than anyone elses, & i just hope that people who scan through it like the pictures, & find my thoughts interesting/silly/entertaining/something.


just for the record, i think the coollest most Spectacular blogs on here (that i know of) are:

the lovely, very special emma at ...because i like waffles and blethers

the interesting, thoughtful hail to the thief at donny is smoking now! (she has v good music taste, in my opinion)

the pensive makemoremistakes at rags and scribbles

the excellent, artistic teabag stains

the most amazing charlotte at teadrinking english rose (the first blog i ever read, the blog which encouraged me to start my own really)

the truly great tigermilk who has the best photographs (& started my interest in underwater photos)

the fabulous betsey at una bella vita, a beautiful life

all i can think to say is..thank you (& please keep posting) =) xx

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