Friday, April 17

oh, day of joy!

woo! i am so happy!
partly due to the fact that i am now the temporary carer for four studio ghibli films i havent seen before (courtesy of a lovely,lovely friend), but mainly because...
there's a new belle&sebastian album coming out! (june22nd)
furthermoree, its not new news, but the bob dylan album release is approaching,
april 28th.
also, it is a truly gorgeous day where i am
& it would appear that two of my friends & i
will be going to the south of france this summer
(the fact that im the only one who barely knows how to speak french
is a little daunting, but im so excited i dont care!)
hope everyone's well?
ahh, all this happiness means that my meagre work output
this whole fortnight of the easter holidays doesnt
seem so bad (although it sorta is.. exams are
not as far away as id like them to be)
well.. Be Happy, Smile Lots & Make Sure It Spreads

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