Wednesday, September 9

lets wish for eternal sunshine upon our spotless minds.

im currently ironing my way through some crazy pile of clothes, & facing the reality that once ive packed my underwear, socks and millions of pairs of tights (i know its not the antartic, but ive heard edinburgh is seriously cold...) my suitcase is pretty much full :( added to this that it is my only suitcase, & that the only other packing options are plastic bags, i really cannot be bothered. arghh!
also - thank you for the advice sophie:) i am now torn between the diana f+ & all its incredible accessories, & the diana mini & all its incredible amazing compactness. ahh. added to the fact that all the money i have at the moment i will honestly be needing for food, im thinking i need to distract my mind from such expensive musings..
back to the ironing pile :/

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