Tuesday, September 1

the stig.

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Today is looking to be a day of cake-festing, with my friends birthday & all. my friend & i were going to make him a load of cookies, & little cakes, & a big birthday cake, but a trip round the supermarket resulted in the rediscovery of those ready-mix cake & cookie packets (remember them?), hence, in a state of sincere nostalgia, we abandoned our plans to make little foodstuffs, with the excuse that, you know, we'd still be making the big birthday cake & all (planned to be a white chocolate gateau). anyway, whilst returning the cream, margarine, etc that had been required for the cookies & little cakes, we stumbled across the cake area & lo & behold we found a Top Gear birthday cake with THE STIG on it...!! Regardless of the fact that any one of us would have adored a Stig Cake, my friend (whose birthday it was yesterday) is actually a massive TopGear fan, & loves cars beyond belief (more the classic cars though).
so...er... it turns out that we really havent made very much of the food in the end.
im feeling a bit guilty to be honest..
however, we actually put a great deal of effort into decorating the little cakes (everyone has a personalised little cake now- mine has a rainbow (= ). i had to get up early this morning to do the cookies because we spent pretty much all day decorating the little cakes. haha.
anyway, id better go get ready..
hope everyone's having a nice day:)

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