Tuesday, September 8

my go-to's to retain sanity

whenever i feel a bit down, i tend to turn to the same sort of things.
  • i always phone my two excellent friends, & chat away to them until ridiculous times in the evening (morning).
  • i sit with the laptop, watch episodes of 'mock the week' on iplayer that i have definitely seen before, & end up knowing so well i can rattle off the jokes to anyone interested
  • make lists of anything & everything
  • drink way more tea than usual, & may even have a hot chocolate
  • research vw campervans for sale on the internet (ahh i so badly want an old style baywindow one in any colour). even though they're all up there is the £5000/6000+ mark (unless you're after a restoration project), i like to just read the stories that go with them. one guy got his in france, drove it to cyprus & got the inside all decked out in cyprian wood, then drove it back to england?! amazing.
  • recreate my favourite baguette that i get sometimes from the local deli (its called the Americana - turkey ham, jarlsberg cheese, grainy mustard, dill pickle-which i exclude).
  • research for absolutely aaages the sort of camera i would, in a dreamlike world, own. i've gone from lusting after an original poladroid camera to really wanting a diana f+ (or a diana mini.. ahh i need help!). with, of course, the accompanying flash, & also the 35mm backing. orrr... do i want a fisheye....?! arg. [reality clearly being ignored in these musings]
  • consider all the things i really have to do.. then do none of them [cue VW search]
  • read through my freshers week pack for the trillionth time & consider all the things id like to go to (the Harry Potter Society are having a Sorting Ceremony.. WITH butterbeer & pumpkin pasties...yuss much?!). (& the Chocolate Society are having a Roald Dahl Party! with their own version of the chocolate river apparently..?!).

as unexcited as i am about leaving, Sorting Ceremonies & general Chocolate Fests are rather alluring..:)xxx

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soph (owl vs. dove) said...

With the Diana F+ you can always get fisheye lens attachments ;)

And OMG all the fresher activities sound way rad. HARRY POTTER SORTING CEREMONY! That would pretty much make my life complete lol