Tuesday, September 1

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i love noah & the whale, i really do.
i have their first album, & i basically listen to it in the car everyday, via my ipod. but, when my ipod broke, i used the cd. theres never been a journey where they haven't accompanied me. & for ages ive wanted to go see them & they're playing glasgow in october! hooray!
&, even better news (for those who like them also, or who may like them) they've just released another album (hooray squared), with this film that they've been working on. vair, vair. cool.
so heres the link :) noah & the whale go enjoy:) & at the same time, download their new single for free, a taster for the newly released album.
the film looks amazing too! ahh. well excited. im loving their anticipation for 'fantastic mr fox' as well.. love wes anderson. & fantastic mr fox looks incredible. check out the official trailer here... as does where the wild things are! omgg great trailer: where the wild things are trailer

ahh, a post of links!
hope everyones having a good weeeeek!
looks like my friend enjoyed his birthday party which is gooood:)

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mud and bone said...

I absolutely adore Noah and the Whale, and cannot wait for Where The Wild Things Are! I grew up with that book, and it'll be most wonderful to see it as a film. I'm far too excited for it. :)