Sunday, November 16

such a perfect day, im glad i spent it with you

hey, its kinda been a while since i last wrote (je suis tres desolee). i feel like ive had no spare time to myself at all lately. work work school work.
ohh & i went to a party last night. twas very good, finished off what remained of my summertime pimms & helped someone who was ill. hehe. lovely evening!

i never used to think that kate moss was beautiful, but i think i may have changed my mind..

google images & flickr

hope everyone had a nice weekend.

ohh & heres a theory... dont you agree that if girls were boys they would make excellent boyfriends? & also.. it can be argued that if boys were girls that they probably wouldn't be great girlfriends? perhaps?

ohh got some homework to do. & ironing :(


5 notes:

DaisyChain said...

I hope you get your homework done! I have tons to do as well =(

Tru said...

kinda random post but i agree good luck on the homework i should be doing some at the moment as well

DaisyChain said...

where are you? x

Martine said...

nice pics

Dream on said...

beautiful! especialy the
second pic.