Wednesday, June 10


can i tell you guys about a site i found completely by accident a couple of weeks ago?
its two cans and string, & its amaazing. you dont have to be a member, & you can choose to either 'ask' or 'answer'; like, you can submit questions, completely anonymously, & then other people on the site (on the 'answer' part) answer your questions/give advice.
i tend to stick to answering, i dont have any interesting questions i think. & yeah, there are some spammers i guess, but its so lovely & sweet, & i think its possible to make someones day really magical with some kind helpful words.. (although i normally get a bit excited & start talking about how awesome rainbows are..)
join if you'd like & ask/answer away (perhaps il answer one of your questions, look out for some rainbow reference) :)x

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