Monday, June 15

101th post.

yayy. good/bad news:
i have exceeded 100 posts:)
i have dropped a follower:( (now at three)

wherever you are, if you happen to be reading this, im sorry, my posts are pretty rubbish. im a pretty whiny dull 17year old. all i really do is post nicked photos. i still cant find the usb cable for my camera, & its becoming a seeerious problem, because now im making this scrapbook for my friend & i want to put tonnes of pictures in it (we're going to different unis).

to those who follow, thank you so much!

whenever i get a bit disheartened with the whole blog thing, i think about you guys. i spend a crazy amount of time reading other peoples blogs/ collecting quotes/ collecting pictures. i love it all really, but its pretty time consuming.

have a happyhappy week:)x

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fancy thing said...

You're welcome ;)

Hope you find that usb cable, and in the meantime, keep on blogging - because I truly do enjoy visiting and seeing what lovely and quirky gems you've posted.