Tuesday, June 23

i love not man the less, but nature more.

i watched 'into the wild' yesterday, & in all honesty, i can't & couldn't ever begin to describe the utter awesomeness & beauty of it.

it is now officially my favourite film of all time. i dont think ive ever had a favourite film, but now, this is definitely it. i cried so much at the end, & i mean, it's really sad, but at the same time i think it make me really melancholic, for everyday that i've spent just sitting in front of the tv, when theres a whole world outside.
im going swimming in the loch again this weekend. & im going to see the school show production tomorrow night. i had an interview today:/
today heralded the renewal of my annual obsession with all things wimbledon & tennis-y.
still feeling gutted there won't be any nadal this year:(
ohh, that's one thing i want to do before i die- go to wimbledon.

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Jesse said...

I absolutely looooooove this film too, its beautiful xx