Tuesday, September 22

top hat

i watched 'top hat' tonight & it was much, much better than i expected.. it makes me wish i could dance like fred astaire & ginger rogers.. & it was hilaaarious.
it was shown by the uni film society (which im a member of) so i got to 'help out' with the projecting (mainly getting shown how to do pretty much everything, & just looking really confused most of the time..).. was fun though :)
all's fair in love & war - but this is a revolution!

3 notes:

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Oh helping out with all the projection stuff sounds so cool! Hmm, haven't seen Top Hat, so might put it on my to-do list. xx

Talisa said...

I looove Fred Astair:)

Pretty Lady said...

I watched this a few weeks back! loved it