Monday, November 10

everything looks perfect from far away..

ahh. today was.. a monday. & a school day. it was a day.

in a very uncharacteristic move, i skipped geography today (my teacher was off & we don't do anything when they're away). but, my sad little self kicked in again & i spent my extra free period in the library, typing up the share database for my schools young enterprise thing (it is thee most boring task ever, but its finished now). ohh & i looked at dresses for the christmas dance with my friends. its not actually anywhere near christmas, its more early december, so i need to start thinking about a dress sooon!
last year i wore a ball gown & it was a massive annoyance (so many people stepped on/tripped over/ couldn't see past it.)

& then after school i went for a caramel latte with my wee friendy, who was feeling a bit down. i actually do believe caramel lattes (with three brown sugars) have magical healing powers.
ok, well maybe i dont seriously believe that, but they definitely help =)

ive stopped writing in my diary now, i tend to write on this instead. i was thinking how weird would it be if in ...5 years im still using the same blog & still writing on it regularly.
i wonder how long the longest-running blog has been going? does anyone know?

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