Sunday, November 2

sleep the clock around

if i could be anything id love to be...:

  • politician (seriously, i love politics. maybe more of political researcher though)

  • florist

  • baker

  • gardener

  • lumberjack (hmm)

  • ballet dancer

  • photographer

  • UN/foreign aid worker

  • a faerie. definitement...

every birthday when i blew out my candles i would wish to have wings like a faerie. i always wanted to fly.

uhohh.. i shouldnt have written that - now it's never going to happen..

& now for some edward monkton appreciation:

(my friend has a pencilcase with one of his designs. i am insanely jealous).

watching bremner bird & fortune. & later? merlin - i missed it last night. and even later - homework =( &sleep.

i definitely have my priorities right. i wish i was a wizard.

toodlepip xxx

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