Thursday, November 6

take a walk on the wild side

i know i said belle&sebastian were my favourite band, but i forgot about the velvet underground - i can never remember my favourite bands & music, its really annoying. love them. lovely lou reed.
urgh - i have a history essay to do for very very soon. ie. tomorrow. i love history, but i dont like having to write the essays. actually, i dont mind the essays but we do loads of them. my brain is frazzled already, & ive not got to uni yet.
frazzles. werent they a kind of crisp or something?
blue peter made me cry yesterday. i dont normally watch it, but it was on & i got caught up in it. it was about how children in bangladesh are suffering from malnutrition because the price of food is so high right now. we need to do something.

ahh i feel sad. im starting my job on saturday :s ive done my till training (im working in a 'local retail store' as im meant to say in my personal statement) but i missed my first shift (ohdearohdear - due to some major confusion, im so mad at myself about it!) so this saturday will be my first shift. the people seem nice, so it shouldnt be too bad. plus, theres someone in my year who works there, so at least il know someone.
im mainly worried about... someone asking for a plastic bag & me having silly fingers & not being able to pick one up & open it to put stuff in.
ohhh && the lottery machine which is basically the devil in machine form. i cant understand it at all :s

this weekend after work im going to make creme brulee with passionfruit topping & macaroons.
and then next week i might make lavender creme brulee (sounds strange but nice) & some mince pies =)
wish me luck with work (&essay, im going to dash off & write it)
peace 'n' love to all

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DaisyChain said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. Very much appreciated.
I'm leaning towards the seasonal thing too, and plan to spend as much time out in daylight as possible.

I used to hate History Essays too. They always took away my interest in the subject.

And as someone who has worked in a super market for almost four years. I still can't open the damn bags, and customers don't tend to mind; they can't do it either ;)

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh sweetheart. don't be sad. don't be sad.
i'm watching charlie and the chocolate factory and it's making me smile, maybe you should too?

make yourself smile.
ooh drink some tea.