Sunday, November 9

Isn't everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?

work wasn't too bad at all. yesterday was really busy, but today was pretty quiet. in fact, i rather enjoyed it =) made a few mistakes, but yayy the lottery machine is now a friend! plus, we get to chose the music that gets played, which is nice, except i work with 2 michael jackson fanatics. ahh well, dancing slightly & scanning stuff at the same time is a nice way to spend 4 hours of my life, i think..
then i went to my mums & we had hot chocolate&marshmallows & a mince pie (mm). & then we watched 'before sunrise', i rented it out because ive wanted to see it for ages & it was amazing. i love the thought of meeting a random stranger on a train or bus & spending a whole day with them (as long as they're nice, of course). the falling in love would be a bonus. perhaps il start striking up conversations with people on buses & trains, in the hope that this might happen. or at least my journey might be a bit more exciting. julie delphy is beautiful in a natural & glowing way & ethan hawke is ok, i felt a bit squirmy when he came out with his cheesy-ish lines. although i think thats just me, i hate cheesiness, i kinda feel that its impersonal & unoriginal. ohh dear i sound picky, but if some guy got me a kinder bueno because he knew i loved them (which i do) that would be so much nicer than.. a red rose. i like wildflowers. & lavender. & honeysuckle. & if he knew me well, he'd get me some of them, instead of roses. again. which would i prefer - honeysuckle or a kinder bueno?? hmm...
still, that film totally made my day. i think my friend would love it, & i picked her for secret santa this year, so i guess thats her present sorted =) shes really into poetry too, i thought id go to the second hand book shop & try & find an old leatherbound poetry book, like milton or something. she likes milton. so do i. i wonder what that says about us?

soo now im on a hunt for 'before sunset'. such a pretty film.
i love festivals, i go to two local festivals every year (one of them has about 20,000 people, which apparently is small, but the other one has about 1500). & the coolest thing is that the really 'tiny' festival is by far the best one. theres this totally personal feel to it, & people recognise you & you never feel alone like you do at bigger festivals. anyway, the point of talking about festivals is that i love the atmosphere there, like you could just strike up a conversation with anyone, & its not a strange forward thing to do at all & you just chat to people. thats why i hate coming home after one, you have to keep restraining yourself from just talking randomly to members of the public who might get a little freaked out by it.
but before sunrise has inspired me to talk to people =) (im normally kinda shy, sadly).
my faith in strangers is sort of restored. i was called an idiot at work because i didnt know how much money you get for having 4numbers on the lottery. argg. but before sunrise is lovely. i would recommend it definitement.
hope everyone had a lovely weekend & smiled & laughed a lot.
happiness happiness
Steph x

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