Sunday, November 2

"the innocent words of a drunken child"

salut =+)
i decided to revamp my page a bit. i found the most amazing picture (which is now my header picture) & i finally figured out how to work this thing! (i like to think so anyway).

i went to the continental christmas fair & i got some cinnamon sticks & nutmeg & braided white garlic (although i would have loved pink garlic). & i attempted to salvage what was left of my higher french & converse a little with a french person. it was highly embarrassing (especially when i resorted back to english & he ignored me, so i had to say it in french.. haha). all i could manage was "je voudrais.... cinnamon! s'il vous plait"
twas lovely though. crepes!

crikey - got confused about my first shift of work and thought i was starting next week, but received a call to say i should have been working yday. my new boss is rather scary so im going to go apologise on monday & hope i still have my job (before ive really started it).

rubbish things::
toilet paper that is messy (ie. all scraggly)
mouldy tea
the smell & taste of milk (except when in tea)
heavy rain & wind
rumbly tummies & the constant thought of foodfoodfood
hair that will not grow long.

music i loove:
at the moment i cant stop listening to belle&sebastian who are my faaavourite band ever. i like 'carmensita' by devendra banhart, except i can only sing along with the 'la la laa' part as its in spanish (this however is probably a good thing). ermm i can never remember the bands i like. ive just discovered voxtrot, who are kinda like belle&sebastian. lykke li was initially forced on me by a friend & now i rather like her a lot.. il basically listen to anything.
its weird - if i like a song/band straightaway then i tend to go off them after a month or two, but if i dont like a song/band it grows on me & i love it forever. ohh & i like the coral. cheerful =)

i have no idea how to tag people. im still a total stranger to this blogging business.

my favourite smell ever is: the smell of orange left on your hands after peeling an orange. fresh baking smell. walking in a field in the middle of nowhere when your nose&ears are freezing & it hurts to breathe because the air is so cold&sharp. actually thats more a feeling than a smell. but i love it.

i love open fires & thick woolly socks. wellyboots&puddles&snow. hot chocolate. mulled wine. bobblyhats. winter!
fridays after school when i go to scottish pantry (cafe) for caramel lattes or cinema with the wunderkid (besteverfriendeverever).

&& i meant to say in the last post - massive thank you to the tea drinking english rose & daisy chain dreams for my actual first evercomments. its a very special moment for me =D haha!

ohhh and i love letters. receiving mail (even if its rubbish mail) & sending mail.
keep smiling.. Sx

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