Saturday, March 21


hello :) happy sunny afternoon..

i went to a barbeque this afternoon, which was great, but i had to leave as i needed to have my tea (which i will not be able to eat) & then pick up a friend & take them to the barbeque (which will probably have developed into a party by then).

today my dad got me the Guardian, he never normally remembers.


ohh this is so uninspired. all i can think to say is..

friends seriously are electric. well, practically all my friends are. some are a little more windpowered tho. (all i mean by this is that talking is definitely their forte). also! i did a sort of outfit post, although i have realised that there is nothing in my house of good height. thus, i had to photograph my shoes separately. heehee.

this is my mum, on boxing day. i am clearly Amazing at taking photos. hehe. just randomly found this one.

in typical steph-like fashion i have Finally got round to doing an outfit post (only because i am wearing something i rather love) BuT have lost the cable to connect my camera to the computer :(

hence, i remain..outfit-post-less.


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