Monday, March 23


i meant to say as well, 'the wrote & the writ' by johnny flynn is special to me, i think because my friend & i write letters to each other on a regular basis, even though we see each other everyday at school. every birthday gets a particularly special (translation: lengthy) letter, & over holidays where we are unable to slip them subtly into each others coat pockets we post them, or drop them off at each others houses (we live quite nearby each other). sometimes we email, but.. letters are just better & lovelier. i like to read them on the school bus home.
i think the majority of my innermost thoughts & secrets have been put down in those letters. my friend has kept them ALL which is pretty amazing since we started writing them about.. 3 years ago? & write at least one every week. i am less organised, but do have a huge pile in a box in my room.
a tradition we had for a while was inventing societies & clubs. like, at the end of a letter (ohh we had pen names also) i would say, 'yours finally unstressfully, Blue Paint, member of the chili dorito appreciation society (CDAS)' the CDAS was particularly popular. i miss chili doritoes, havent had them in ages.
we're currently going through an email phase, although my hotmail keeps going a little strange :s

well, there you go. hehee, that should have been one of my honesties. ohh, thats another recent tradition, at the end of every letter we put 5 'honesties'.
ohh well! i have some homework to do.
in better news,i was very shocked to find out today i passed my geography prelim. dad will be pleased:)

yours stressfully :)
(not really)

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