Wednesday, March 4


i got lost in a book for almost the whole weekend. 'the beach' by alex garland, i'd been meaning to read it for ages & stumbled across it one lonely free period in the library. i really liked it, i loved the whole utopic idea, although... i don't know, i didn't expect it to end that way. i expected it to go on a little, detailing the difficulty the character had readjusting? ohh well, wonderful all the same (& slightly haunting, i read the final scenes on the island before going to bed & i didn't sleep particularly well).

at edinburgh i have to take three subjects in my first year, & so far all i've got is politics. I thought id take scandinavian studies, just for something different. although i don't know how il be tied to it incase i don't like it very much? apparently scandinavian languages are quite like german ive been told? i was quite rubbish at german.

hope everyones having a really nice wednesday :)

the school magazine is nearly finished!woop

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