Monday, March 23

time for honesty.

ive been awarded my first ever tag..honest scrap:)"The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or 2. Firstly you have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly you have to tag 10 people with the award."

ok.. 10 things you may not know...
  1. i went to hear Tommy Sheridan (leader of the Solidarity Party) speak (as part of a modern studies trip) & i don't think ANYTHING has ever inspired me to do something good. he is a truly amazing speaker, & talks so much sense, so powerfully. they gave him a microphone, but he seriously didnt need it. (i have also been inspired to do good through learning about the inequalities among people in modern studies. i honestly gasped when i heard this; in America, a black high school graduate earns 20% less than a white high school graduate, & a black professional earns 37% less than a white professional. i remain shocked & appalled). im beginning to wonder if im really a socialist at heart.
  2. right away after university i would love to go travelling. on my list are so many countries (new zealand, iceland, sweden, canada, south america, france-paris especially, all over africa, switzerland, russia, germany..basically, the whole world.) i really don't like the thought of eventually dying & realising i had only ever seen a very tiny part of the world. i dont know what i want to do after university, but if i dont end up in something politics-related i would like to work in a book shop for a while, then travel, then work for a bit, then travel..etc. before eventually settling down & starting my own book shop or bakery/cafe.
  3. my most serious vice would have to be crisps. i eat too many. i won't say how many a day, because in the past i have & people have been shocked. ohhh dear...on a bad day, four. i tried to convert to fruit crisps, but they hurt my teeth a little. at the moment, im transferring my affection onto sunbites (supposedly gaining 1/3 of my recommended daily intake of wholegrains, along with a huge load of other less healthy stuff).
  4. i also cannot start my day without a cup of tea. & i drink two small cartons of orange juice every day, & a big carton every week.
  5. i am incredibly nervous (but excited) about university. main fear is that my lack of cleverness compared to the other people at edinburgh will be exposed through tutorials because theyre smaller & more one-on-one. also, the usual, getting lost, not making friends, not coping with workload, not coping with finances, etcetc. university is actually very stressful. & i will be forever 2hours from my lovely lovely home.
  6. i pull my little ipod speakers so they sit inside the bathroom door & i can still close it, & listen to music every morning in the shower. i have special playlists for morning showering. & although i love listening to music in the shower, it actually has a more practical reasoning, because then i can kind of figure out how long ive been in (i tend to take very long showers somehow, i think there is a strange timewarp underfoot). only problem is, now i use songs as a measure of time, as in 'oh i won't be long, homework will only take about five songs'. very confusing to anyone but me.
  7. i am very,very scared of sharks, although i havent ever seen one, nor has anyone i know ever had an encounter with one. i think perhaps as a baby i was accidentally subjected to 'jaws' & its stuck with me subconsciously ever since. or, sharks are very scary.
  8. ive played clarinet for about six/seven years. i don't play as much as i used to because i dont get lessons anymore, but i used to be in the regional wind band & went to paris & played in disneyland. however, not as glamorous as it may sound, the uniform was tartan trousers with a big puffy black shirt (& mine, due to lack of supplies, was an extralarge, hence was extraextra puffy). also, marching in time & playing was pretty tough. slow marches are sooo difficult i think. we mainly played scottish music (eg.highland cathedral, thats my favourite) mixed in with glenn miller pieces, things like that.
  9. if i think i need cheering up i watch 'charlie & lola' (i have series one, hehee), or the secret garden, or a little princess. i have lost my tape of mary poppins though :( i love films.
  10. ahh the last one... i love books incredibly much, but i have to keep them perfect (ie. no marks on the spines or anything). im certainly not a perfectionist, im not quite sure why to be honest. either very marked or not at all, i feel. i particularly like old bashed books though.

ohh, there were more things i could have said, definitely. but i hope this will suffice?

& i dont really know who to tag.. anyone who reads this is tagged :) hehee, im not even sure if ten people will read this.

but, to whomever does, i hope you have thee loveliest day, followed by thee loveliest week.

its spring!


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