Wednesday, March 11


i have prelims this week :(
&,although i only have two (yea, i am being incredibly lazy this year, & my other subject had its prelim a month or two ago.) buutt they are both on the friday, which is pretty rubbish.
a lot of people seemed to be off today, so i observed a friend rejoice that they are now 18 & able to buy plastic cutlery from tescoes. & rejoiced alongside them. i shall be 18 in..4months.
so, this is a terribly boring post, because i think i should probably return to revising the economic policies of China, voting behaviour & influences, the social & economic progress of ethnic minorities in USA, as well as some other modern studies stuff. plus, all of geography. geography is very vast.

you're my picture on the wall,
you're my vision in the hall,
you're the one i'm talking to
when i get in from my work
you are my girl, & you don't even know it
i am living out the life of a poet
i am the jester in the ancient court
you're the funny little frog in my throat
i had a conversation with you at night
it's a little one sided but that's alright
i tell you in the kitchen about my day
you sit on my bed in the dark changing places
with the ghost that was there before you came
you've come to save my life again
i don't dare to touch your hand,
i don't dare to think of you
in a physical way
and i don't know how you smell

belle&sebastian,'funny little frog'


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Betsey said...

hello love! thank you so much for your sweet, encouraging comment! :) I really appreciate it and I am so glad that I decided to keep up the blog for people like you! Your blog is so lovely as well! Your header is adorable!