Monday, March 30

(glorious?) realisation?

im going off to study politics at edinburgh after summer, which i feel so grateful to be able to do, & i am sincerely interested in politics (i think everyone should be really, i adore it, & it affects almost every single thing in our lives, im constantly pestering friends to vote as some are 18. im not 18 till july:(

but, i really really do love film. i think if i was able to go to university forever, & had an endless amount of money to fund studying & accomodation, & various other expenditures, i think i would study politics, film/media/tv studies, history, journalism, law (thought about doing that a while ago), psychology, archaeology, swedish/norwegian/finnish (would quite like to learn a scandinavian language), french (i was going to study french&international relations for all of last year before suddenly changing my mind).

i fear i will never be able to settle on anything, & therefore, will never be truly happy.

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