Thursday, March 19


I am going to a barbeque this weekend :)
I feel so spring-y

Today was, my friends & i decided, the nicest day this year. We sat outside every spare moment we had, & we lay on (slightly damp) grass. I arranged my friends long hair all around her hair so she looked like the sun, & placed a generous helping of daisies in her hair for good measure.

i love being a girl & being girly so often.

i went to an Edinburgh Uni day & discovered that i will be in lectures with 350 other people. hence, 349 other people to make friends with =)

perhaps i should do an outfit post? i love blogs with outfit posts. although, i fear my outfits are very susceptible to hoodie&jean comfortableness. infact, i spend a great deal of my weekend in my christmassy pyjamas (no time of year is unsuitable for some christmas cheer).

hopehope you are well & excellent.

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