Friday, March 20



today is Friday, & if Friday represents anything it is the wonderful joyous carefree feeling brought on only by love, sunshine after a lottt of clouds&rain, & probably chocolate. oh, & mamma mia.

im not a particular abba fan (except for a weird stage when i was 8/9 & became obsessed with them. my favourite songs, quite creepily, where gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight), & sos. i detested fernando) or of musicals, but i find the mamma mia film quite addictive :/

i think im drawn to anything vaguely summerish to be honest.

i cant wait for strawberry season! there is the nicest local bakery near me & they do the best strawberry tarts. mm.

magazine is nearly finished & (in my completely humble & unbiased opinion) it is AWESOME. i love it so much. i dont think ive been as proud of anything as the last time i managed to make that 'pop' noise with my cheek. im really rubbish at doing that.

ps. i would love one of these strawberry usb pens. arent they amazing?! :) xx

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